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Function and Work of Bulldozer

In construction projects, especially projects that have to do with the transfer of the land must be used bulldozers on the execution of the work as follows:

1. Peeling top soil and clearing of timber, tree pillars and rocks.
2. The opening of the road work in the area is rocky and mountainous.
3. The transfer of material at short distances up to 100 m.
4. Pull scraper.
5. Help fill material on the scraper.
6. Spreading material.
7. Restock channel / trencher.
8. Clearing sites / field.
9. Road maintenance work.
10. Prepare soil materials from the borrow pit and quarry pit / place-making material.

As described above the bulldozer blade has a perpendicular to the direction of forward motion, while for angle other than perpendicular dozer blade can also be diagonal. Bulldozer pushing dirt to the front while the angle dozer pushing dirt to the front and to the side. Some construction bulldozer blade has a possible function as bulldozers, as well as by adjusting the angle dozer blade in such a way as needed.